Final Fantasy XIV Introduces New Class Inspired by Sword Art Online’s Kirito

The director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, recently revealed an interesting tidbit about the MMORPG’s new class introduced in the Dawntrail expansion. According to him, the Viper class was inspired by Kirito from Sword Art Online, as it was a highly requested addition by the community. However, creating the job posed a challenge: “Kirito is too overpowered,” as Yoshi-P described.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the producer discussed the process of creating Viper, a class that wields two swords and can combine them in combat for increased damage. The character’s abilities have a short cooldown time, but the acrobatic combos are powerful and intense.

“Our approach was to focus on elegant and fast-paced action, while also making it look cool. But when it comes to Kirito from Sword Art Online, he is very strong in the game. So for Viper, we wanted to showcase that feeling of becoming strong through their actions in battle. And that was a challenge for us to consider.”

We had the opportunity to test out all the new features from the Final Fantasy XIV expansion, including Viper, Pictomancer, the new region, and more, at the invitation of Square Enix. Stay tuned for all our previews and information!