The immersive show “Norma”, the latest creation from the Big Drama production, is playing in Paris until March 31.

“My darling orphans, my jewelers. If you are receiving this message, I am dead.” For its latest creation and after the success of Close, interrupted by the Covid pandemic, the Big Drama production, which specializes in the genre, invites you to a funeral. This is the starting point for Norma, an immersive show which is being held in Paris until March 31. The meeting point is given in front of the closed and opaque doors of a mysterious place, at the back of the Paris Opera, before you are given an equally enigmatic envelope. Especially since inside, your instructions differ from those given to other spectators.

Crossing a patio, the scene is set: here we are at the funeral of Norma, a severe and merciless matriarch at the head of an orphanage, who has just disappeared, leaving behind her establishment and its occupants, now left to their own devices . These orphans lead the dance, introducing you to the coffin of the famous Norma, displayed between her pets, also between four planks in the garden. Inside, the cloakroom is obligatory, telephones prohibited.

For the rest, it’s better to keep it a mystery and reveal nothing. As was Close, which opened the doors of a brothel to you, the show is immersive and that is its strength: the spectator comes and goes, wanders through neat settings, until he too becomes an orphan of the story, perfectly carried away by the accuracy of the actors – and singers. It’s funny, spicy, offbeat, and successful: the audience gets caught up in the game and asks for more, lingering at the end of the show at the boom, where a bar, karaoke and a 90s playlist await them. “All together, never alone”, would have concluded Arthur, Romeo, Wendy, Léo, Camille and the other orphans of Norma.

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