Noel Gallagher, the legendary Oasis rocker, recently criticized what he referred to as ‘virtue-signalling’ performers at the Glastonbury music festival. Despite not performing at the festival this year, Noel Gallagher attended and shared his thoughts on the acts he witnessed.

In particular, Noel took aim at artists like Dua Lipa for her support of Palestine and Banksy’s migrant dinghy protest. He expressed his frustration with what he perceived as musicians using their platform to make political statements rather than focusing on the music itself. Noel mentioned that he found Glastonbury to be increasingly ‘woke’ and ‘preachy,’ with bands and artists making political statements on stage.

During his time at the festival, Noel was seen enjoying performances by Jungle and Kneecap in the company of actor Matt Smith. He emphasized his love for Glastonbury, calling it one of the most important things in Britain, alongside the Premier League.

Noel also encountered his old foe, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, at the festival. The two musicians have had a long-standing feud, with Dave previously making comments about Noel and his brother Liam’s success. Despite this, Noel mentioned that they came face to face at the same hotel and that Dave was friends with his child.

The tensions between Noel and Liam Gallagher were also evident at Glastonbury, as Liam’s son Gene reportedly ignored Noel when they crossed paths at a VIP bar. Despite being closely related, there seems to be lingering animosity between the two brothers.

Overall, Noel Gallagher’s criticisms shed light on the changing atmosphere at music festivals like Glastonbury, where artists are increasingly using their platform to make political statements. His comments sparked conversations about the role of musicians in sharing their views and opinions on social and political issues during performances.