Nigel Farage recently expressed his frustration with GB News and other broadcasters for not giving proper coverage to Reform UK in the lead up to the General Election. He criticized Ofcom for restricting the amount of coverage Reform UK receives based on rules from past elections.

During a BBC election special of Panorama, Nigel was questioned on various topics such as climate policies, migration, the NHS, Brexit, and the invasion of Ukraine. He defended his controversial comments about Vladimir Putin and his praise for Liz Truss’s mini-budget, stating that his words were often taken out of context.

Despite facing scrutiny, Nigel remained defiant and portrayed himself as a fighter and campaigner who stands up against big institutions. He refused to take blame for the issues with other Reform UK candidates and emphasized his track record of challenging institutions and coming out victorious.

It is clear that Nigel Farage is determined to make his mark in the General Election and continues to advocate for Reform UK despite the lack of coverage from mainstream broadcasters. His unwavering commitment to his beliefs and his willingness to confront powerful institutions make him a formidable force in the political landscape.