Avicii’s Struggle Revealed in New Documentary

Avicii, the late Swedish DJ and EDM producer, was revealed to have been in a troubling state towards the end of his life in a new documentary. The documentary, titled ‘I’m Tim’, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and showcased the struggles Avicii faced with painkiller addiction, anxiety, and the toll of relentless touring.

According to the documentary, Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was described as looking like a ‘zombie’ due to his excessive use of painkillers. His close friend Jesse Waits shared that Avicii’s eyes appeared like ‘pins’ and that he seemed absent even with his eyes wide open during a dinner.

The film also highlighted Avicii’s battle with mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, and the pressures of fame. His collaborators, including Aloe Blacc and Chris Martin, reflected on the toll that touring took on Avicii, who started performing at a young age and faced immense pressure to keep up with his demanding schedule.

Avicii’s struggles with anxiety and the challenges of the music industry were also explored in the documentary. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the industry’s focus on statistics and capturing the audience’s attention in a matter of seconds.

Despite finding some relief after stopping touring in 2016, Avicii’s inner demons continued to haunt him. The documentary revealed that he was still in great pain and contemplating the meaning of life before his tragic death in 2018.

The film shed light on Avicii’s journey from a young and talented DJ to a worldwide sensation, showcasing both the highs of his career and the lows of his personal struggles. It served as a tribute to his legacy and a reminder of the importance of mental health and self-care in the entertainment industry.


Avicii, born Tim Bergling, was a Swedish DJ and EDM producer who rose to fame at a young age. He struggled with mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, and the pressures of relentless touring. Despite his immense success, Avicii battled anxiety and inner turmoil that ultimately led to his tragic death in 2018. His legacy as a talented musician and the impact of his struggles on the music industry continue to be remembered by fans and collaborators worldwide.