Netflix has recently announced an increase in its subscription price to £10.99 a month for customers who wish to enjoy an ad-free experience. The streaming platform is discontinuing its cheapest ‘basic’ plan priced at £7.99 a month, which previously offered ad-free viewing. Instead, customers on the basic plan will now be moved to the £4.99 standard plan, which includes adverts.

For those who prefer to watch their favorite shows and movies without interruptions, the only option left is to upgrade to the £10.99 standard plan. This means an increase of £36 per year compared to the previous pricing if you want to continue enjoying ad-free content. Both the standard plan with ads and the standard plan without ads are limited to 1080p streaming and can be accessed on two devices simultaneously.

Customers who desire 4K streaming on up to four devices will need to opt for the more expensive £17.99 per month 4K package. If you are unhappy with these changes, you have the flexibility to switch your plan at any time. By logging into your account and selecting ‘cancel membership’ under the membership and billing section, you can continue watching Netflix until the end of your billing cycle.

In comparison, other streaming services like Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video offer competitive pricing and features. Disney Plus is currently priced at £7.99 a month and provides 4K streaming without any ads. Apple TV comes in at £8.99 per month with 4K content included. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video used to cost £8.98 a month but now includes a £3 monthly fee for ad-free viewing, bringing the total to £11.98 per month for ad-free 4K streaming.

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, customers now have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a streaming service that fits their preferences and budget. While the price increase may be disappointing for some Netflix users, it is essential to weigh the cost against the value and content offered by the platform. Ultimately, the decision to stay with Netflix or explore other options will depend on individual viewing habits and priorities.