Neil Young, the iconic singer, has made a difficult decision to cancel the remaining dates on his Crazy Horse Tour due to illness. The 78-year-old musician was scheduled to perform at various venues, including the Hollywood Bowl and Ohana Fest. In a statement posted on his website, Neil explained that members of his band fell ill after their last performance in May, and they are still in the process of recovering.

The Love Earth Tour has been a wonderful experience for Neil and his band so far, with great audiences and music. However, after falling sick following their Detroit performance, they had to put a halt to their tour. Neil expressed his regret for having to cancel the upcoming shows and apologized for any inconvenience caused to their fans who had made travel plans.

The canceled performances include seven shows in Canada in July and three shows in the United States in late September, including the Hollywood Bowl and Ohana Fest appearances. Neil and his band will also not be performing at Kentucky’s Bourbon & Beyond Festival. It remains unclear how long the band will be taking a break from performing, but Neil emphasized the importance of health and expressed his desire to return to the stage when they are fully ready.

With the cancelation of the tour dates, fans who had purchased tickets are left wondering about refunds and rescheduling. According to reports, AXS will issue automatic refunds to ticket holders within 30 business days, while those who bought tickets from other platforms will need to reach out to them for more information. The organizers of the Ohana Fest also released a statement expressing their disappointment at the cancelation and wishing Neil and his band a speedy recovery.

On social media, fans shared their concern and well wishes for Neil Young and his band. While some expressed disappointment at missing the opportunity to see the legendary musician perform, others sent messages of support and suggested possible replacements for the canceled shows. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the rescheduling of the tour dates, fans remain hopeful for Neil’s quick recovery and a return to the stage in the near future.