Celso Portiolli Reveals Secret Recipe Behind ‘Passa ou Repassa’ Pie on ‘Domingo Legal’

Celso Portiolli on Domingo Legal – Photo: SBT

One of the highlights of the segment “Passa ou Repassa,” hosted by Celso Portiolli on “Domingo Legal,” is the pie. Many were curious to know if it is really made with ingredients from a common recipe or if it is just foam.

During his appearance on “Programa Eliana,” the presenter demystified this detail, stating that marshmallow is used in the pie recipe. “It’s not foam, it’s not beaten egg whites, it’s marshmallow. It’s very good, that’s why people keep eating it,” he said.

According to Portiolli, the product has been provided by the same supplier since the beginning of the segment. “It’s a bakery that makes it, it’s the same bakery that has been making the pie for the show for these 30 years,” he said.

Speaking about comparisons with Silvio Santos, the host noted that he changed his voice due to similarities with the owner of the network. “I don’t know, I think the presenting technique can remind a lot of Silvio Santos. By coincidence, my voice is very similar, and for many years on television, I raised my tone so as not to resemble him, my voice went up so they wouldn’t say it was an imitation,” he revealed.

In 2021, Celso Portiolli revealed that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. In an interview for “TV Fama,” he recalled the disease and stated that life is fleeting.

“When you experience a health problem firsthand, everything changes. It changes your outlook on life, it changes your sense of solidarity. You start to see that life is fleeting,” he said.

“Thank God I found it early, which is very important. We have to take care of ourselves, get routine check-ups for this reason. In December, it was smooth, I did well in surgery. And from that moment on, it’s about taking care, keeping an eye on things,” he added.

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