MyKayla Skinner has found herself in hot water after making comments that have upset some people in the gymnastics community. During a watch party on YouTube, she suggested that if she had come back to gymnastics, she could have made the Olympic team after three girls suffered injuries that prevented them from competing in Paris. She also criticized the current state of talent and work ethic in the sport.

These comments did not go unnoticed, with many calling Skinner out for her words. Some have even pointed out that instead of engaging in a meaningful conversation, she has chosen to block those who hold her accountable. Even Simone Biles, who is heading to the 2024 Paris Olympics, posted a response on Threads, implying that not everyone should have a platform to speak.

In response to the backlash, Skinner posted an apology on her Instagram Stories, clarifying that her comments were not meant to be hurtful and were taken out of context. She explained that she was comparing the work ethic in today’s gymnastics to the era when she was training under Marta Karolyi.

Despite not being initially selected to join the team for the Tokyo Games, Skinner was later invited to participate in the individual rounds after Simone withdrew. This turn of events has sparked a conversation about the importance of choosing words carefully and being mindful of the impact they can have on others in the gymnastics community.