Actress Minnie Driver recently opened up about her past relationships in a candid interview. She revealed that her father had two families while in a 16-year relationship with her mother, which influenced her desire to get married. However, Driver admitted that she often chose the wrong men and her engagement to Josh Brolin in 2001 would have been a mistake.

Currently, Minnie Driver is in a committed relationship with writer-director Addison O’Dea, who she describes as everything she could have wanted in a husband. On the other hand, Josh Brolin is now married to Kathryn Boyd and has two daughters with her. Driver, on the other hand, is a mother to her 15-year-old son Henry.

After becoming a mother, Driver consciously decided to take a break from acting to focus on her son. She wanted him to have stability and a normal childhood, which led her to seek work opportunities in Los Angeles. This decision allowed her to be present for her son while continuing her career with TV shows like “About a Boy” and “Will & Grace.”

In addition to her personal life, Minnie Driver also reflected on her past romance with Matt Damon. The actress described their relationship as sweet but challenging due to the intense public scrutiny following their breakup. Despite this, Driver is currently promoting her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the upcoming season of Starz’s “The Serpent Queen.” She underwent a rigorous transformation process to embody the iconic historical figure and considers it one of the most memorable roles of her career.

Season 2 of “The Serpent Queen” is set to premiere on July 12, promising viewers an exciting and captivating portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I. Driver’s dedication to her craft and ability to bring historical figures to life on screen make her a standout talent in the entertainment industry.