Minnie Driver has been reflecting on her past relationship with ex-fiancé Josh Brolin and is grateful that things didn’t work out between them. The actress revealed that she felt their romance was ill-fated from the start, despite meeting on the set of the film “Slow Burn” in 2000. Brolin proposed to Driver the following year, but their engagement ended less than six months later in October 2001.

Looking back, Driver considers not marrying Brolin to be a blessing, as she believes it would have been a huge mistake. She described her exes as not being the right men for her to marry. Since then, Brolin has married Kathryn Boyd in 2016, while Driver found love with writer and director Addison O’Dea in 2019.

In a recent interview, Driver opened up about her desire to be married, influenced by her parents’ relationship. Her parents never married due to her father’s infidelities, which impacted her own romantic choices. She admitted to longing for marriage and choosing partners who were not suitable for that commitment.

Before her relationship with Brolin, Driver was romantically associated with Matt Damon. She shared that seeing Damon win an Oscar in 1998 after their breakup was a difficult experience. Driver wished she could have reassured her younger self that life would be beautiful and that she would find love again.

The actress also expressed feeling devastated when Damon and Ben Affleck won an Oscar for their screenplay for “Good Will Hunting” while she was still heartbroken over their breakup. Despite these challenges, Driver has come to terms with her past relationships and is grateful for the lessons they taught her.