Mindy Kaling, known for her roles in “The Office” and “The Mindy Project,” recently shared some stunning photos on her Instagram, showcasing her confidence in a one-piece swimsuit just four months after giving birth to her third child. The actress, who is 45 years old, looked radiant in the Rockley One Piece from Andie, a swimwear brand she has partnered with.

In the photos posted on Instagram, Mindy Kaling appeared to be enjoying a relaxing afternoon in her backyard, soaking up the summer sun. She expressed her love for Andie swimsuits, praising how they make her feel confident regardless of her body shape.

The actress also shared glimpses of her summer festivities, including a photo of herself at the In-and-Out drive-thru, surrounded by flowers, strawberries, and her two eldest children, Katherine, 6, and Spencer, 3. Mindy Kaling captioned the photos with “And summer begins!” indicating her excitement for the season.

On her 45th birthday, Mindy Kaling revealed that she had welcomed her third child, a daughter named Anne, in February. She described her newborn daughter as the best birthday present she could ever imagine and expressed gratitude for the joy her children bring to her life.

Mindy Kaling is known for keeping her pregnancies private until after giving birth, and she has never disclosed the father of her children. Speculation among fans suggests that her ex-boyfriend and former “Office” co-star, B.J. Novak, may be the father of her kids, although she has clarified that he is their godfather.

In an interview, Mindy Kaling praised B.J. Novak for his natural ability to connect with children, describing him as a great godparent to her kids. Despite their past romantic relationship from 2004 to 2007, Kaling maintains that Novak’s role in her children’s lives is that of a supportive godfather.

Mindy Kaling’s recent Instagram posts not only showcase her stunning appearance in a swimsuit postpartum but also provide a glimpse into her life as a mother of three. Her transparency about motherhood, body confidence, and family dynamics resonates with fans who appreciate her authenticity and positive outlook on life.