Reality TV star Melissa Gorga recently shared her thoughts on the reboot of the popular show “Real Housewives of New Jersey” (RHONJ) after a particularly challenging season. Gorga expressed her full support for a reboot, stating that she agrees 100% that the show needs a fresh start after what she described as a “toxic” season.

In addition to Gorga’s comments, the entertainment world has been buzzing with news of various celebrities and their latest endeavors. From Sherri Shepherd’s efforts to manifest a role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie to Travis Kelce’s emotional reaction during a Taylor Swift concert, there’s no shortage of exciting updates.

Other notable mentions include “Sister Wives” star Christine Brown encouraging others to make positive changes, Busta Rhymes calling out a crowd at the Essence Fest for being on their phones during his performance, and Courteney Cox sharing a unique wellness hack as she turns 60.

Celebrity couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom made headlines for returning to Sardinia, where they were famously photographed paddleboarding together eight years ago. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber reportedly received a hefty paycheck for performing at a billionaire’s pre-wedding celebration.

In the TV world, fans of “House of the Dragon” were shocked by a major character’s unexpected death halfway through the second season. Additionally, Susan Lucci hinted at a potential reunion for the iconic soap opera “All My Children,” while Bethenny Frankel opened up about her recent split from fiancĂ© Paul Bernon.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, celebrities like John Stamos, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Lopez have been making headlines for their personal and professional endeavors. From family milestones to new projects, there’s always something new and exciting happening in the world of entertainment.

Overall, Melissa Gorga’s support for a “RHONJ” reboot reflects the ever-changing nature of reality TV and the entertainment industry as a whole. Fans can expect more updates and surprises as their favorite celebrities navigate the ups and downs of fame.