Melania Trump’s absence from her husband Donald Trump’s Miami rally on July 9 has sparked divorce rumors among critics and political pundits. While Donald took the stage with his sons Barron, Eric, and Donald Jr., Melania was noticeably missing from the event. This led to speculation that she might be planning to leave her marriage to the former POTUS, especially after his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels was brought up during his hush money trial in New York.

Critics jokingly suggested that Melania was consulting her divorce lawyer or discussing her pre-nup with her attorneys. Some even claimed that she was purposely avoiding her husband by staying away from the rally. Despite the proximity of the event to their Florida home, Melania did not make an appearance, leading to further speculation about her whereabouts.

Earlier in the week, Melania had hosted a successful Republican fundraiser in New York City, raising $1.4 million. It is unclear whether she has returned to Florida or if she is still in New York. Reports also suggest that Melania may choose not to resume her first lady duties if Donald wins the 2024 presidential election. She has reportedly made a deal with her husband to have a reduced role as first lady if he wins.

Additionally, there are rumors that Melania may spend more time in New York if Barron decides to attend New York University in the fall. Concerns about Barron being in the spotlight as the son of a president, as well as the presence of Secret Service agents at his school, have led Melania to consider staying close to him. This added attention and potential stress are factors that Melania is reportedly taking into consideration when making decisions about her future plans.

Overall, Melania Trump’s absence from the Miami rally has fueled speculation about her marriage to Donald Trump and her future role as first lady, if he were to win the 2024 presidential election. The ongoing rumors and discussions surrounding Melania’s whereabouts and intentions continue to capture the attention of critics and political observers alike.