Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently enjoying their life in the beautiful community of Montecito, California. According to royal expert Charlotte Griffiths, their social life resembles a high school prom event, with Meghan being the prom queen and Harry as the prom king. They attend various events together, showcasing their relationship in the public eye.

Prince Harry is set to attend the ESPYs to accept the Pat Tillman Award, which Griffiths believes will be a great photo opportunity for the couple. Meghan, being from the West Coast, is pursuing a career in Hollywood alongside her husband. However, there are speculations about Harry adjusting to this new lifestyle, given his upbringing in the U.K.

Royal biographer Tom Quinn suggests that there might be a growing rift between Meghan and Harry due to Meghan’s concerns about their future not aligning with her plans. Despite this, the couple seems to be happy in California, building their lives away from the royal family. Meghan is working on her company called American Riviera Orchard, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Quinn also mentioned that Harry’s friends from the U.K. are not spending time with him in the U.S., as they find Meghan challenging. This has led to Harry feeling bored and reminiscing about his old life across the Atlantic. The couple’s public image has also taken a hit, with concerns about their Netflix contract and the reception of Meghan’s online brand.

Despite these challenges, Meghan and Harry expressed their happiness about their life in the U.S. and their growing family. They are grateful for the opportunity to be part of meaningful initiatives like the Invictus Games, which hold a special place in their hearts. Their journey in California continues, filled with hope for the future and new opportunities on the horizon.