Meghan Markle is hoping to get a royal endorsement for her upcoming American Riviera Orchard products. Reports suggest that she wants her father-in-law, King Charles III, to give his seal of approval. Meghan has even asked her husband, Prince Harry, to reach out to anyone in the family who might support them.

Since March, Meghan has been teasing the launch of her lifestyle brand by sending products to celebrities and influencers. She is not stopping there and is aiming to get support from King Charles as well. Despite the drama surrounding them, Meghan believes there is still support within the royal family that they can tap into.

Meghan recently finished filming her Netflix cooking show, part of the $100 million deal with the streaming platform. The show will focus on cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship. Although details about the show’s title and release date are still unknown, experts predict that it could be a success given Meghan’s strong support team.

PR consultant Mark Borkowski believes that Meghan’s show has the potential to be successful if she has learned and is comfortable in her new role. He also acknowledges the show could fail but notes that anything Meghan does will generate significant interest regardless.

Meghan and Harry faced criticism after Harry received the ESPY’s Pat Tillman Award for Service for his work with injured servicemen and veterans through the Invictus Games Foundation. Some critics argued that Harry did not deserve the award and accused the couple of trying to buy public respect through such accolades.

As rumors swirl about Harry and Meghan’s potential reconciliation with the royal family, King Charles’s former butler, Grant Harrold, believes that Harry must publicly acknowledge his mistakes, especially regarding his memoir “Spare.” Harrold suggests that a public statement from Harry admitting his wrongdoings could be a step towards repairing the strained relationship with the royal family. However, he acknowledges that the damage caused by their previous actions may make it challenging for them to be welcomed back into the fold easily.