Prince William, along with his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, attended Taylor Swift’s concert at Wembley Stadium and had the opportunity to take backstage selfies with the pop star. While many people were thrilled by this encounter, royal commentators have speculated that Meghan Markle might not be pleased with Taylor Swift’s actions. It was noted that Swift had turned down an invitation to appear on Meghan’s podcast, which could have led to some tension.

Some commentators have suggested that Swift’s interaction with Prince William and his children might indicate that she has chosen to side with the royal family amidst the ongoing feud between the Sussexes and the royals. Swift has a positive history with Prince William, having met at a charity event in 2013, and their recent selfie could be seen as a statement of support.

Additionally, it has been reported that other top celebrities, such as David and Victoria Beckham, have distanced themselves from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Victoria Beckham allegedly gave Meghan the “cold shoulder” when approached for a dress, indicating a strained relationship. This aligns with previous criticisms Meghan faced over the timing of her product launch coinciding with Kate Middleton’s Trooping the Colour event, leading to accusations of trying to overshadow the royal family.

Furthermore, Prince Harry and Meghan’s statements about their desire to travel for humanitarian tours have been seen as contradictory to their previous claims of needing privacy. Their willingness to engage in more public appearances and tours has raised questions about their commitment to privacy, especially after a successful visit to Nigeria where they expressed a desire to return for future engagements.

Overall, the interactions between top celebrities and royals have sparked speculations and discussions about allegiances, relationships, and priorities within the royal family and the wider celebrity circle. Meghan Markle’s potential displeasure with Taylor Swift’s actions adds another layer to the ongoing drama and scrutiny surrounding the Sussexes and their interactions with the public and other high-profile individuals.