Meghan Markle, the former royal, was reportedly denied free clothes and handbags by Victoria Beckham, according to author Tom Bower. Bower claimed that while Meghan was engaged to Prince Harry, she asked Victoria for freebies, but the Palace vetoed the request as it went against their rules. This decision may have caused tension, as Meghan and Prince Harry only invited Victoria and David Beckham to their wedding ceremony in 2018, excluding them from the party.

Bower also alleged that Meghan initially felt superior to Victoria due to her royal status, believing that wealth and fame determined social ranking in her celebrity world. However, Meghan was surprised to learn that the Beckhams were much wealthier than her, owning multiple homes, private jets, and having access to luxury experiences. This realization reportedly irritated Meghan, who was about to become a duchess.

Despite these tensions, the relationship between the two couples seemed amicable until Meghan accused Victoria Beckham of leaking stories about her and Prince Harry to the press. This accusation reportedly angered David Beckham, who found the idea ridiculous. However, the fallout between Meghan and the Beckhams did not affect their relationship with the royal family, as David was recently seen chatting with King Charles at an event.

The Beckhams’ popularity and positive relationship with the royal family helped them overcome the rumors of Victoria leaking stories to the press. Their documentary was more popular than Meghan and Harry’s, which improved their public image. With David’s connection to King Charles and their good terms with Prince William and Kate Middleton, the rumors about Victoria leaking stories were put to rest.

Overall, the revelations from Tom Bower’s book shed light on the complex dynamics between Meghan Markle, the Beckhams, and the royal family. Despite disagreements and accusations, the relationships between these high-profile figures have remained intact, showcasing the intricacies of royal and celebrity interactions.