Saturday Kitchen Live faced a bit of a challenge when chef Matt Tebbutt was asked to prepare a personal dish on the show. During the episode, actors Kit Harrington and Olivia Washington were guests promoting their new production, Slave Play. Chefs Paul Ainsworth, Mandy Yin, and Jon Watts also joined in to showcase their culinary skills.

The twist came when Kit Harrington expressed his desire to make his dad’s Hollandaise sauce on the show. Despite not having the exact recipe, Matt Tebbutt took on the challenge and decided to show Kit his version of the sauce. As Kit stirred the sauce, Matt prepared the rest of the dish, which included peas, pancetta, poached eggs, and the Hollandaise sauce.

However, some viewers were not pleased with the choice of celebrity guests on the show and took to social media to express their disappointment. Some viewers found the guests unfamiliar and questioned their relevance, while others criticized the show for focusing too much on celebrity promotion.

One viewer mentioned that the show was too lighthearted and filled with jokes, while another viewer expressed confusion over the celebrity guests. Some viewers even suggested revamping the show to include everyday heroes like school dinner ladies instead of focusing on celebrity promotion.

Despite the mixed reactions from viewers, Saturday Kitchen Live continues to be a popular cooking show with a loyal fan base. The show features a variety of celebrity guests, chefs, and delicious recipes for viewers to enjoy every weekend. Matt Tebbutt’s willingness to take on new challenges and cook up delicious dishes on live TV adds an element of excitement to the show, keeping viewers entertained and engaged.

As the show continues to evolve and adapt to audience feedback, it remains a staple in the world of cooking shows, bringing together food, entertainment, and celebrity guests for a fun and engaging viewing experience. Matt Tebbutt’s response to the criticism showcases his professionalism and dedication to providing quality content for viewers, making Saturday Kitchen Live a must-watch for food enthusiasts and fans of celebrity guests alike.