MasterChef Australia 2024: Tasmanian Butcher Josh Perry Makes Top 10

Josh Perry, also known as Pezza, hailing from the small town of Smithton in Tasmania, has surpassed expectations by securing a spot in the top 10 of MasterChef Australia 2024.

Despite his initial apprehension about his lack of experience in dessert-making, Josh, a 43-year-old butcher, has demonstrated his culinary skills and resilience in the competition. He impressed the judges by successfully tackling challenges such as chef Darren Purchese’s cherry blossom dessert.

Having narrowly escaped elimination in the first week, Josh is now determined to prove his worth and showcase his talent on the show. Supported by his loving family, including his wife Jen, children, and grandchildren, Josh finds solace in their unwavering encouragement and support during his time away from home.

As the competition intensifies with tougher challenges ahead, Josh’s journey on MasterChef Australia continues to captivate viewers. Will he be able to overcome the obstacles and make his hometown of Smithton proud?

Tune in to MasterChef Australia airing on Channel Ten every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 7:30 pm to witness Josh’s culinary prowess and determination in action.