Mark Wahlberg, the well-known actor, is once again showing his dedication to his craft by fully embracing a new look for his upcoming movie role. In a recent Instagram post, Wahlberg revealed his shaved head, no bald cap needed, for his character in the action thriller Flight Risk, directed by Mel Gibson. The film’s trailer, released on June 27, teases Wahlberg’s balding pilot character and the mysterious journey he embarks on with an air marshal and a fugitive.

Wahlberg’s commitment to authenticity is evident as he shared that he shaved the top part of his head daily for the role, leaving a horseshoe shape around the sides. This transformation was not only a physical change but also had an impact on Wahlberg’s personal life. He mentioned that his wife and children had varying reactions to his new bald look, with his boys finding it amusing and his wife having a surprised expression when he revealed it.

This isn’t the first time Wahlberg has undergone a significant physical transformation for a role. In a previous movie, Father Stu, he gained 30 pounds in just six weeks to portray the real-life boxer-turned-priest, Father Stuart Long. The process of putting on weight was challenging and involved consuming a high number of calories daily, including unconventional foods like olive oil.

Despite the temporary nature of his bald look for Flight Risk, Wahlberg’s dedication to his roles and willingness to undergo physical changes highlights his commitment to delivering authentic performances on screen. Fans can look forward to seeing him in action when the movie is released on October 18th.