Margot Robbie, the talented actress known for her roles in various blockbuster movies, is reportedly expecting her first child with her husband Tom Ackerley. The news of her pregnancy was revealed after she was spotted showing off her baby bump while on holiday in Lake Como with Tom. The couple, who met on the set of Suite Fran├žaise in 2014 and got married two years later, have not officially confirmed the news yet.

Margot and Tom’s love story began as friends and blossomed into a beautiful romance, leading to their marriage and now the exciting news of their upcoming addition to the family. The couple not only share a personal relationship but also collaborate professionally, working together on producing films like the upcoming comedy “My Old A**” by Megan Park.

This pregnancy news comes at a time when Margot Robbie’s career has been soaring, with successful projects like the box office hit “Barbie” and other critically acclaimed movies under her belt. Her journey from humble beginnings in Australian soap operas to becoming a sought-after Hollywood star is truly inspiring. Margot’s dedication to her craft and her passion for storytelling have earned her numerous accolades and recognition in the film industry.

In addition to her acting prowess, Margot is also a talented producer, with her production company LuckyChap Entertainment behind successful films like “Promising Young Woman” and “Barbie.” Her commitment to bringing diverse and engaging stories to the screen has been evident in the projects she chooses to be a part of.

Despite the challenges and setbacks she may have faced along the way, Margot Robbie’s resilience and hard work have paid off, making her one of the most influential and admired figures in Hollywood today. As she embarks on this new chapter of motherhood, fans and well-wishers are excited to see her continue to shine both on and off the screen.

With her billion-dollar success at the box office and her upcoming roles in highly anticipated films, Margot Robbie’s star is only set to rise further. As she navigates the joys of pregnancy and prepares to welcome her first child, her fans eagerly await more news and updates on this exciting new chapter in her life.