Lorraine Kelly, the host of ITV’s morning show, did not hold back when defending Kym Marsh’s relationship with her younger co-star, Samuel Thomas. On a recent episode of her chat show, Lorraine passionately supported Kym, who has been facing criticism due to the age gap between her and Samuel.

During a discussion with entertainment correspondent Ria Hebden, Lorraine made it clear that she was fully behind Kym and her romance with Samuel, who is significantly younger than her. Lorraine dismissed the critics by saying, “so what! So what!” She expressed her annoyance at the negativity surrounding Kym’s relationship and emphasized that it was good for her.

Ria also chimed in, mentioning other celebrity couples with significant age differences, such as Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, as well as Cher and her dancer Alexander Edwards. Lorraine humorously added, “He’s lucky to be with Cher! And he may or may not be able to keep up with her!” The conversation highlighted the double standards when it comes to women dating younger men, compared to men dating younger women.

The discussion also touched on Peter Andre’s marriage to Emily, who is 16 years his junior. Peter has openly talked about their age gap and how it sometimes becomes noticeable in their taste in music. These examples further reinforced the idea that age should not be a barrier in relationships and that love knows no bounds.

In addition to the on-air discussion, Kym Marsh took to Instagram to confirm her relationship with Samuel by sharing a sweet picture of them kissing. The actress expressed her love for her new partner, describing him as “the most amazing man ever” and using hashtags like #soulmate and #loveyou. The couple’s romance blossomed while working together on the musical ‘101 Dalmatians’, where Kym plays Cruella de Vil and Samuel portrays Tom Dearly.

Overall, Lorraine Kelly’s defense of Kym Marsh’s relationship sheds light on the outdated perceptions of age gap romances and challenges societal norms. By standing up for Kym and celebrating her newfound love, Lorraine sends a powerful message of acceptance and support for all types of relationships, regardless of age. Love is love, and that’s something worth celebrating.