Carol McGiffin made headlines when she left Loose Women after being on the show for over 23 years. She revealed that she no longer felt like she fit in and didn’t want to be on a show that policed her opinions. Despite this, she mentioned that she is still friends with some of her former co-stars, such as Denise Welch, Kaye Adams, Jane Moore, and Nadia Sawalha.

However, Carol also mentioned that there were some co-stars she had nothing in common with, which caused a bit of controversy. She expressed that they were not friends, just people she worked with, which surprised them. Even though she left the show, Carol admitted that she occasionally tunes in to remind herself that she made the right decision by leaving.

In a recent interview, Carol spoke candidly about her departure from the show and addressed the speculation surrounding her exit. She mentioned that there were issues with her contract that had been ongoing since January, which ultimately led to her decision to leave. Despite this, she reassured her fans that she is not retired yet and is currently working on her memoir and podcast.

During an interview on GB News, Carol hinted that the show had become too “woke” for her liking, which resonated with many viewers who missed her presence on the show. She also took to Instagram to address the fans who were wondering about her absence from Loose Women, confirming that she will not be returning to the show but is still actively working on other projects.

Overall, Carol’s departure from Loose Women sparked controversy and drama, but she remains unapologetic about her decision to leave. She continues to stay in touch with some of her former co-stars while pursuing new opportunities in her career. Despite the challenges she faced behind the scenes, Carol is determined to move forward and focus on her future endeavors.