Reality TV star Lindsay Hubbard recently made a surprising announcement on Instagram, revealing that she is expecting her first child with her secret boyfriend. The news came as a shock to fans, especially since it has been nearly a year since her engagement with Carl Radke ended in August 2023.

In a heartwarming post shared on the Fourth of July, Hubbard flaunted her baby bump in a series of wholesome pictures. The images showed her in stomach-baring outfits, including a gray sports bra and unbuttoned jeans, as well as a mini white jacket with a large bow. Her boyfriend, whose identity remains a mystery, also made a cute appearance in one of the photos, wrapping his hands around her stomach.

In the post, Hubbard seemed to reflect on her broken engagement with Radke, expressing her excitement about the new chapter in her life. She credited Clearblue for making the next steps easier and announced that she and her boyfriend are looking forward to welcoming their little one during the holiday season in 2024.

The announcement received an overwhelming response from fans, with over 100K likes and thousands of congratulatory comments. Despite the pain of her past breakup, Hubbard remained focused on her future and found happiness with her mystery boyfriend. Their relationship blossomed after reconnecting last December and officially dating in January 2024.

This baby news comes two years after Hubbard’s engagement to Radke, which ended in August 2023. The couple had announced their engagement in a candid interview, recalling a romantic beach-side proposal that ultimately did not lead to a wedding. Radke called off the engagement over conflicts and disagreements, leaving Hubbard to focus on her own individual successes and personal growth.

While the path to motherhood may not have been what Hubbard initially expected, she is embracing this new chapter in her life with excitement and joy. Her announcement on Instagram marks a new beginning for the reality TV star, who is looking forward to welcoming her little one with her mystery boyfriend.