Brad Pitt’s relationship with his adult children and limited contact with his younger kids have been a topic of discussion recently. A source close to the family revealed that Pitt has “virtually no contact” with his adult children and has had limited visitation with his younger kids due to his busy filming schedule for his upcoming movie, “F1.”

According to the insider, Angelina Jolie has the kids most of the time, but Pitt has visitation rights with the younger children as per their agreement. Representatives for Pitt have not responded to requests for comments on the matter.

Despite being spotted on a rare outing with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon at the British Grand Prix, Pitt’s visitation with his children has been affected by his overseas filming commitments. Pitt and Jolie are still in the process of finalizing their divorce and continue to be embroiled in a legal battle.

Sources close to Pitt have expressed their frustration with Jolie’s behavior, claiming that she has used the children as a weapon against him and has separated them from their father. Jolie seems to be gaining favor with the kids, as several of them have dropped Pitt from their last name, including their daughter Shiloh, who legally changed her name to “Shiloh Jolie.”

In 2021, Pitt initially won a 50-50 custody agreement, but it was later overturned. Their family’s former security guard, Tony Webb, alleged that Jolie encouraged the children to avoid Pitt during their visits. This situation has caused tension between the former couple and has affected Pitt’s relationship with his children.

The news of the children changing their last names and Pitt’s limited contact with them has raised concerns about the impact of the divorce on the family dynamics. Pitt, who turned 60, was reportedly upset about his daughter’s decision to drop his last name on her 18th birthday.

As the legal battle between Pitt and Jolie continues, the well-being of the children remains a priority. The challenges of co-parenting and maintaining relationships in the aftermath of a high-profile divorce highlight the complexities of family dynamics in the public eye.