Lily Allen recently shared some intimate details about her relationship with her husband, David Harbour, on her BBC podcast, Miss Me?. The conversation was centered around the theme of “kink” and Allen revealed that she had been promiscuous and experimental in the past, even engaging with female sex workers. She expressed her desire to normalize things that people often feel ashamed about.

When discussing her husband’s requests for certain things, Allen admitted that she sometimes rejects his ideas, but in a lighthearted way. She mentioned that her sobriety has played a significant role in her change of behavior, as she used to rely on alcohol to engage in certain activities she did not necessarily want to.

Reflecting on her past, Allen confessed that she used to have a fear of abandonment and would engage in behaviors to please others, even if she didn’t want to. However, her journey to sobriety has allowed her to make positive changes in her life. She credits her newfound sobriety for her successful marriage to Harbour, as well as her children thriving and her newfound passion for acting.

Overall, Allen emphasized the importance of her sobriety in her life, stating that she may not be where she is today if she hadn’t made that significant change. She expressed deep gratitude for her journey to sobriety and how it has positively impacted every aspect of her life.