Kym Marsh, the ex-Coronation Street star, has found new love with her 29-year-old co-star, Samuel Thomas. The two actors shared a passionate kiss in an intimate picture posted on Instagram, revealing their budding romance. Kym, who is 48 years old, described Samuel as the “most amazing man ever” in a heartfelt message accompanying the post.

Their relationship blossomed while working together on the musical adaptation of 101 Dalmations, which started its UK tour on June 22. Kym plays the role of Cruella de Vil while Samuel portrays the character Tom Dearly. This new romance comes after Kym’s past marriages with TV stars Jack Ryder, Jamie Lomas, and Army Major Scott Ratcliff, all of which ended in divorce.

Kym’s first marriage to Jack Ryder from EastEnders lasted from 2002 to 2009, marked by irreconcilable differences. Her second marriage to Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas faced challenges due to allegations of infidelity, leading to their divorce in 2013. Her third marriage to Army Major Scott Ratcliff ended in 2023 due to work pressures.

Despite her previous failed marriages, Kym seems to be deeply in love with Samuel. In a touching Instagram post, Samuel expressed his unexpected love for Kym with a heartfelt message, to which Kym responded with equal affection. Samuel, a 6ft tall actor, has received accolades for his performances in various productions, showcasing his talent on stage.

The couple’s social media posts have garnered attention and support from fans, celebrating their newfound love. Kym and Samuel’s public display of affection has captivated audiences, with many expressing their well wishes for the couple. As they continue to navigate their relationship in the spotlight, Kym and Samuel seem to be embracing this new chapter in their lives with love and happiness.