Kroy Biermann, a former NFL star, recently faced a rough situation after his dog, Stone, received a citation for aggressive behavior towards a neighbor. This is not the first time Biermann and his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, have had issues involving their pets, as a similar incident occurred last November. Along with their dog troubles, the couple has been dealing with financial problems and the potential loss of their home.

In the latest incident, Biermann’s neighbor called law enforcement after Stone, a Cane Corso, was seen roaming freely in the neighborhood and behaving aggressively. Despite Biermann’s explanation that his son was supposed to be watching the dog and the broken gate that allowed Stone to escape, the police issued him a citation. This adds to a series of incidents involving Stone, including a near-tragic event in October where he reportedly tried to attack a young boy in the neighborhood.

Neighbors have expressed concerns over the couple’s dogs, Stone and Sinn, due to their reported aggressive behavior. Stone has been described as “super aggressive and never confined,” sparking worry among residents. Sinn was involved in an incident six years ago where he nearly blinded the Biermanns’ son, Kash. The couple’s dogs have been at the center of multiple complaints about lack of supervision and aggressive behavior.

In addition to their dog-related issues, Zolciak and Biermann are facing the risk of foreclosure on their mansion in Milton, Georgia. Despite their efforts to sell the property, legal documents suggest that they may lose ownership before finding a buyer. Truist Bank has signaled its intent to reclaim the property, with plans for a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding to begin in May. This looming deadline has left the former couple with limited time to respond if they want to keep their home.

Truist Bank’s decision to pursue foreclosure comes after Zolciak and Biermann failed to meet mortgage payments, despite attempts to address the issue dating back to October 2023. The ongoing divorce proceedings between the couple have not stopped the bank from moving forward with its plans to seize the property. The legal battle surrounding their home adds to the already stressful situation involving their pets and financial troubles.