Kristen DiMera had a plan in mind as she met Ava Vitali at The Bistro. Ava was feeling down after losing Harris Michaels, but Kristen believed that better things were in store for her. Kristen even considered offering Ava a job now that she was in charge at DiMera Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Tate Black wanted Brady Black to help him convince Theresa Donovan to let him date Holly Jonas. However, Brady had a different idea and decided to send Tate to a lacrosse camp in upstate New York to keep them apart.

On the other hand, EJ DiMera was worried about Nicole being in the same room as Melinda Trask, who could expose the truth about “Jude DiMera.” Luckily, Gabi Hernandez DiMera arrived with Stefan DiMera, providing a distraction. While EJ pretended to be thrilled to see Gabi, she focused on reuniting with Stefan. The couple shared a toast and enjoyed a hot shower together.

Despite Stefan hiding a drunken hookup with Ava, he hoped to keep it a secret. EJ, on the other hand, seized an opportunity when Jude needed extra attention from Nicole. This allowed EJ to confront Melinda and negotiate a new agreement, possibly involving her getting a position at DiMera Enterprises.

It seemed that EJ was determined to keep the paternity secret quiet a little longer, as he worked on a risky deal with Melinda. Fans of Days of Our Lives can expect more updates on EJ’s plan and the impact it will have on the characters involved. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the show.