Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker may seem like they have a perfect relationship, but it seems that their love story has caused some rifts in Kourtney’s personal life. According to insiders, Kourtney’s marriage to Travis has led to strained friendships and strained relationships with her sisters, who have remained close to her ex, Scott Disick.

Travis, 48, and Kourtney, 45, started dating in 2021 and quickly made their relationship public. They got married in a whirlwind of ceremonies in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Portofino, before welcoming their son Rocky in November 2023. This came after Kourtney ended her long-term relationship with Scott, with whom she shares three children.

Sources reveal that Travis felt threatened by Scott’s ongoing relationship with Kourtney’s family. Travis made it uncomfortable for Scott to be around by constantly displaying affection towards Kourtney, effectively pushing Scott away from the picture. This tactic backfired, as the Kardashian family’s loyalty remained with Scott, causing tension within the family.

Kourtney’s relationship with her sisters, Kim and Khloe, has also been strained since she got together with Travis. She reportedly treats them more like coworkers than siblings, pushing them away and creating a fake and forced dynamic, especially when filming their reality show.

Additionally, Kourtney has distanced herself from her lifelong friends since being with Travis. Former close friends like Melissa Kolker, Allie Rizzo, Stephanie Shepherd, Brittny Gastineau, Courtenay Semel, and Sarah Howard have been cut out of Kourtney’s life. This has left her old friends feeling neglected and disconnected from her new life with Travis.

Overall, Kourtney’s marriage to Travis has brought about significant changes in her personal relationships, causing rifts with her family, sisters, and longtime friends. The dynamics within the Kardashian clan have shifted, and Kourtney’s priorities seem to have shifted along with them. The future of her relationships remains uncertain as she navigates the complexities of her new marriage and the impact it has had on her personal life.