Coronation Street fans are in for a dramatic ride as Kit’s sinister revenge plan for Bernie has been revealed. Kit, the estranged son of Bernie, is determined to make her pay for leaving him years ago. Fans have speculated on what his revenge plan may entail, and it’s shaping up to be a heartbreaking turn of events.

Earlier this year, Bernie confessed that she had a son whom she gave up for adoption nearly thirty years ago. After some investigation, it was revealed that her son was none other than Christopher ‘Kit’ Green, a detective who recently appeared on the cobbles. Despite the truth coming out about their biological connection, Kit made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Bernie or her family.

Kit’s involvement in framing Nathan Curtis for the murder of Lauren Bolton added another layer of complexity to the storyline. By planting Lauren’s DNA in Nathan’s van, Kit orchestrated a chain of events that ultimately led to Nathan’s imprisonment. However, the truth about Lauren’s fate came to light – she was actually killed by solicitor Joel Deering.

In a recent episode, Kit took matters into his own hands and revealed the truth about his relationship to Bernie to her other children, Gemma and Paul. This revelation left Bernie horrified and the twins stunned. Fans are now speculating on Kit’s next move, with some predicting that he may go as far as framing his own mother for a crime to exact his revenge.

On social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, viewers are expressing their concerns about Kit’s intentions. Some believe that he may be working with Joel to further his revenge plan, while others think he is capable of framing Bernie for a crime. The tension is rising as fans eagerly await the unfolding of this complex and emotionally charged storyline on Coronation Street.

As the drama continues to unfold on the cobbles, fans are left wondering what Kit’s ultimate goal is and how far he will go to make Bernie pay for her past actions. With tensions running high and relationships strained, the stage is set for a gripping and emotional storyline that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned to Coronation Street to see how Kit’s revenge plan unfolds and the impact it will have on Bernie and her family.