Kevin Bacon, a well-known actor, recently reflected on his early fame in the 1980s Hollywood slasher film, Maxxxine. In the movie, Bacon plays a private detective who is familiar with the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. He shared his experience of not fully appreciating his fame when he was at the peak of his career, advising young stars to enjoy the ride and embrace the moment.

Maxxxine, directed by Ti West, is part of the X film series and follows the story of an adult film actress, Maxine Minx, played by Mia Goth. The film is set in 1985 Hollywood and explores the challenges faced by aspiring stars in a cutthroat industry. West chose the 1980s setting to delve into the puritanical debates surrounding what was deemed acceptable in movies and music during that era.

The movie highlights the struggles of Minx as she navigates fame and personal demons while being targeted by a serial killer. Moses Sumney, making his feature debut in the film, praised West’s willingness to push boundaries and explore controversial themes. The cast, including veteran actors like Giancarlo Esposito, commended West’s creative vision and dedication to making compelling movies on a limited budget.

Esposito, who plays a Hollywood agent in the film, reminisced about the freedom actors had in the ’80s to experiment with their roles. He appreciated the opportunity to explore and play on set, a luxury that is often missing in today’s highly structured film industry. For West, the X trilogy marks the end of an era, as he plans to keep his future projects shrouded in secrecy to maintain an element of surprise for audiences.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the entertainment industry, West believes that the quest for fame presented in the X series resonates with viewers on a deep level. The films offer a judgment-free look at the desire for recognition and the sacrifices that come with pursuing one’s ambitions. As Maxxxine hits theaters, fans can expect a thrilling conclusion to the X trilogy, filled with suspense, drama, and a dose of ’80s nostalgia.