Kenia Os opens up about her fear of darkness that sometimes keeps her from sleeping well: “I want to find out why”

Kenia Os, the popular pop and urban music artist, recently shared about one of her fears that occasionally prevents her from sleeping soundly at night. In an interview with journalist Jordi Rosado, Kenia Os revealed details about her childhood, personal life, and the fear that has lingered since her youth.

During the interview, journalist Yordi delved into Kenia’s childhood and she disclosed that she is afraid of the dark, a fear she has been grappling with since she can remember. Kenia expressed her desire to uncover the root cause of this fear, as she believes it is the greatest mystery in her life.

She mentioned that she is currently reading a book in an attempt to understand the reason behind her fear of darkness, considering that nothing specific triggered it. Kenia speculated that her fear may have been inherited or linked to her childhood experiences that are now beyond her recollection.

When asked what specifically scares her about the dark, the singer of “Malas decisiones” confessed that it is “the emptiness I feel when I see nothing, and being very sensory, I feel a presence or as if someone is watching me.” Despite considering herself a sensitive person, Kenia has never encountered anything that truly frightened her and hopes it never happens, as it could potentially traumatize her for life.

She recalled instances when she lived in Mazatlán and would confide in her mother about her inability to sleep, feeling like someone was constantly watching her even when she was alone.

In response to how she copes with this fear while on tour, Kenia revealed that she sleeps with a member of her team, but discreetly hinted off-camera that it is a specific person. She explained that when she sleeps alone, she must keep the light on, and her sleep is often restless throughout the night.

Despite dealing with this lifelong fear, Kenia emphasized her commitment to working on it and striving for a change in this aspect of her life. She expressed her genuine desire to be able to sleep alone without fear.