Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were spotted together at the model’s Fwrd event, showcasing their rekindled romance in matching outfits. The couple made a stylish statement at Vogue World: Paris, with Kendall modeling on foot and horseback, and Bad Bunny performing at the event.

Kendall stunned in a sheer skirt by Jacquemus, while Bad Bunny kept it classy in black trousers and a matching jacket, accessorizing with a single glove. The duo left the event hand in hand, confirming that their relationship is back on track after a brief break.

Their romantic escapades continued in the City of Light, where they attended an event for Fwrd, the clothing retailer Kendall serves as a creative director. Kendall opted for a semi-sheer Jacquemus maxi dress, while Bad Bunny coordinated in an all-black ensemble.

The couple’s date night in Paris included dinner at the popular restaurant Ferdi, where they both dressed in gray and black attire. Kendall sported a silver set from her sister Kylie Jenner’s Khy fashion line, while Bad Bunny looked sharp in a silver suit and black T-shirt. The pair have a history of matching outfits, from his-and-hers snakeskin boots to black leather ensembles.

Their relationship, which began in 2023, faced a brief split in December but seems to be stronger than ever now. They were seen getting cozy at a Met Gala afterparty and reportedly reconnected during a New Year’s Eve trip to Barbados. The fashionable duo even appeared in a joint ad campaign for Gucci, showcasing their impeccable style and international romance.

Despite their brief hiatus, Kendall and Bad Bunny have found their way back to each other, proving that true love can withstand any challenges. Their coordinated outfits and public appearances demonstrate their commitment to each other and their shared passion for fashion. As they continue to make headlines with their stylish outings, fans can’t help but root for this power couple and their undeniable chemistry.