Kelly Stafford recently issued an apology to Joe Cox, who was Matthew Stafford’s backup quarterback when they were both attending the University of Georgia. Kelly publicly shared that she dated Joe during college in an attempt to make her now-husband, Matthew, jealous. She took to Instagram Stories to express her regret for bringing media attention into Joe’s life and shared a photo of Joe with his wife Erica and their three kids.

In her apology, Kelly acknowledged that Joe and Erica were a couple she looked up to during her time at the University of Georgia. She mentioned that they were the epitome of a quarterback and cheerleader couple who met and stayed together, much like how people perceived Kelly and Matthew. Despite feeling sorry for involving Joe and his family in the spotlight, Kelly emphasized that she does not regret how dating Joe ultimately led her to marrying Matthew.

Kelly reflected on the twists and turns of her love story with Matthew, describing it as comical. She also revealed that their relationship had a rocky start, with Matthew initially interested in casual dating while Kelly was looking for something more serious. She shared that she dated Joe to get a reaction out of Matthew, and their relationship had its fair share of ups and downs.

Despite the challenges they faced early on, Kelly and Matthew eventually tied the knot in 2015 and now have four children together. Kelly shared glimpses of their family life on social media, showing the more personal side of the NFL quarterback when he’s at home with his family.

Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, enjoying summer days at the beach, or simply spending quality time together, the Stafford family exemplifies the joys and challenges of parenthood. Through her posts on Instagram, Kelly gives fans a peek into their lives off the field and highlights the love and laughter that fill their home.

As the Stafford family continues to make memories and navigate the ups and downs of life, one thing is clear – their bond and love for each other shine through in everything they do. From game days to family snuggles, Kelly and Matthew are dedicated to creating a loving and supportive home for their children. Their journey from college sweethearts to a family of six is a testament to the power of love and determination in overcoming obstacles and building a life together.