Hey there, it’s Kelsey, your go-to gal for all things pop culture, and I’m here to give you the scoop on what’s hot and happening. Let’s dive into some exciting releases that are making waves this week.

First up, we have Descendants: The Rise of Red, the latest installment in the Descendants franchise. This movie, streaming on Disney+ starting July 12, introduces us to a new villain and a fresh cast. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this new adventure, and I can’t wait to see Brandy in action as Cinderella once again.

Next, we have Fly Me to the Moon, a romantic comedy hitting theaters on the same day. With Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum leading the way, this film promises to deliver great fashion and witty banter that are sure to make for an entertaining watch.

And let’s not forget about Longlegs, a horror movie starring Nicolas Cage that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Maika Monroe’s heart rate even spiked when she saw Cage in character for the first time, so you know it’s going to be a thrilling ride.

Now, shifting gears to music, Katy Perry is making a comeback with her new single “Woman’s World.” After a successful run on American Idol, Perry is ready to reclaim her spot on the charts with a fresh new sound. Despite facing some criticism for the song’s lyrics, I’m excited to see how Perry’s music has evolved over the years.

On the hip-hop front, Eminem is dropping his 12th studio album titled The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De GrĂ¢ce) on July 12. Known for his showmanship, Eminem has been building anticipation for this release, and fans are eager to see what he has in store. With a nod to his earlier hits, this album is sure to bring back some nostalgic vibes.

As we wrap up, remember to stay tuned for more updates on the latest and greatest in pop culture. And if you have any other recommendations or exciting news to share, drop a comment below. Let’s keep the conversation going!