Katie Price recently shared some heartbreaking news about her son Harvey’s ongoing health struggle. Harvey, who was born with Prader-Willi syndrome, has been dealing with a hidden health condition that has caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. Katie revealed that Harvey has been experiencing issues with his ears for the past year, with his ears continuously popping, leading to tears and affecting his ability to focus on his studies at college.

In order to address Harvey’s pain, Katie took him to a private specialist who recommended inserting grommets into his ears to help alleviate the problem. Despite the specialist’s suggestion, Katie expressed her frustration and helplessness at seeing Harvey in pain, unable to do much to ease his suffering.

This revelation from Katie comes amidst the ongoing battle she faces against online trolls who target Harvey with hurtful comments and jokes. Katie has been a fierce advocate for her son, campaigning for Harvey’s Law, which aims to hold online offenders accountable for their actions. Her efforts have included launching petitions and lobbying in Parliament to protect Harvey and other vulnerable individuals from cyberbullying.

Despite the challenges she and Harvey have faced, Katie remains a devoted mother who is determined to ensure her son’s well-being and happiness. Her openness about Harvey’s health struggles sheds light on the importance of supporting and protecting individuals with special needs, both online and offline. Harvey’s resilience and Katie’s unwavering support serve as a reminder of the strength and love that exist within their family.