Katie Holmes is now ready to take on new adventures as her daughter, Suri Cruise, heads off to college at Carnegie Mellon University. Motherhood has always been her top priority, but now that Suri is starting this new chapter in her life, Katie is looking forward to focusing more on herself.

According to insiders, Katie may even consider exploring the dating scene and trying out a dating app. Her friends have noticed that she seems excited about the unknown and is eager to spread her wings and try new things.

While Katie is feeling a mix of emotions as Suri prepares to leave for college, she is determined not to be too clingy and wants to give her daughter the space she needs to grow. However, she does expect to receive a daily text from Suri once she leaves.

Despite the worry of Suri taking this next step, Katie plans to use this time to improve her own life. She is working on various projects, exploring the world of fashion, and elevating her personal style. This period of transition is seen as an opportunity for Katie to focus on herself and her interests.

It’s worth noting that Suri and her father, Tom Cruise, do not have a relationship, as they have been estranged since Tom and Katie’s divorce in 2012. Katie has kept Suri away from the spotlight and Los Angeles after the split, prioritizing her daughter’s privacy and well-being.

Suri has even dropped her father’s surname when making public appearances, further emphasizing the distance between them. Despite the lack of a relationship, Tom has reportedly fulfilled his financial obligations to Katie and Suri.

As Katie embraces this new phase in her life, she is exploring new opportunities and taking steps to enhance her personal growth. With Suri embarking on her college journey, Katie is excited to see what the future holds for both herself and her daughter.