Kate Garraway recently shared her excitement about her new role beyond the iconic Good Morning Britain sofa. She revealed that she has secured a small acting role in ITV’s new drama series, Douglas Is Cancelled. This four-part series, available on ITVX, features stars like Hugh Bonneville, Karen Gillan, and Alex Kingston.

In Douglas Is Cancelled, Bonneville plays the role of Douglas Bellowes, a respected news anchor alongside Gillan as his co-anchor, Madeline, and Kingston as his wife, Sheila, who is a newspaper editor. The series delves into the theme of cancel culture, with Douglas facing career repercussions after a controversial joke at a wedding.

Kate’s cameo in the series involves her playing herself as she interviews Bonneville and Gillan in their roles as Douglas and Madeline. In a behind-the-scenes clip from the GMB studio, Kate expressed her enjoyment of the role, describing the experience as “really good fun” and praising Bonneville and Gillan for their convincing performances.

Fans of Kate and the show took to social media to express their excitement about her appearance in Douglas Is Cancelled. Many promised to tune in to watch the series, with some commenting on how much they enjoyed the first episode. Kate’s cameo in the series is not the first time she has appeared in other TV shows, playing herself. In 2017, she had a scene in the movie Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, where she presented Good Morning Britain and warned viewers about an incoming “Sharknado.”

In the film, a shark crashed into the studio during a live broadcast, leading to chaotic scenes where Kate and her fellow presenters were crushed and killed by the shark. Kate’s versatility in taking on different roles and her willingness to engage in creative projects outside of her regular hosting duties on GMB showcase her passion for entertainment and storytelling.

As Kate continues to explore new opportunities in the world of acting and entertainment, fans can look forward to seeing her in diverse and exciting roles across various platforms. Her recent cameo in Douglas Is Cancelled is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey into the world of scripted television for the beloved TV presenter.