Kanye West went all out for a luxurious dinner party in Paris, where he reportedly spent a whopping $50,000 on top-notch wine, caviar, and steak for 30 guests. Despite facing financial concerns, the rapper didn’t hold back when it came to treating his guests to an extravagant evening.

According to an insider, Kanye is known for being a generous host who enjoys splurging on food and drinks. He has a deep appreciation for Paris and French cuisine, and he wanted to ensure that everyone had a fantastic time at the dinner party. The rapper spent $40.8k on wine, $3,100 on smoked salmon, $1,340 on steak, and $320 per 30 grams for 12 portions of Caviar Petrossian.

However, Kanye’s lavish spending comes at a time when he is facing several legal battles, including lawsuits from his former staffer and Adidas. These legal issues could potentially cost him millions of dollars, and his lack of endorsement deals due to controversial statements has also impacted his income.

In addition to his legal troubles, Kanye has been dealing with real estate issues and has been seen flying economy class with his wife, Bianca Censori, after struggling to secure a venue for his events. Despite facing challenges in his career and personal life, Kanye remains hopeful and has reached out for assistance from his fans and supporters.

While Kanye’s extravagant dinner party may have raised some eyebrows given his financial situation, it seems that the rapper is determined to continue living his life to the fullest despite the obstacles he is facing. Only time will tell how Kanye will navigate his legal issues and financial concerns while maintaining his lavish lifestyle.