After months of negotiations, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have reached a settlement in their divorce proceedings. The news was confirmed by Kardashian’s representative, who said in a statement that the couple is “grateful to have worked out the details amicably.”

West and Kardashian, who married in 2014 and have four children together, announced their separation in February 2021. Since then, the couple has been in negotiations over the division of their assets and custody arrangements for their children.

According to sources close to the couple, the settlement is “fair and equal” and includes joint custody of their children. West, 44, and Kardashian, 41, will also reportedly continue to co-parent their children and prioritize their well-being.

The settlement marks the end of a high-profile and tumultuous marriage that was often in the spotlight. West, a prominent rapper and producer, has been open about his struggles with bipolar disorder and made headlines for his controversial public statements and political ambitions.

Kardashian, a reality TV star and entrepreneur, has also been in the public eye for years and built a successful career as a businesswoman and influencer.

Despite the challenges of their marriage and the public scrutiny that came with it, sources say that both West and Kardashian are committed to moving forward and co-parenting their children in a positive and healthy way.

Fans of the couple have expressed their support and well wishes for their future, with many hoping that they can maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their children.