Justin Timberlake has been faced with the need to lower the prices of tickets for his recent series of concerts due to his drink driving arrest. Fans now have the opportunity to purchase tickets at a much lower price of £7. One venue in Kentucky, Rupp Arena, is offering tickets for the Forget Tomorrow World Tour at a significantly reduced rate. Tickets in various sections of the arena are now being sold for as low as $9, which is equivalent to £7. Other sections also have seats available for £9.30 and £18.60.

The tour has not been as successful as expected, with tickets originally priced at over $100. Concerns about the tour’s struggles and the lack of commercial success of his latest album, “Everything I Thought I Was,” are weighing heavily on Justin. The first single from his sixth album, “Selfish,” was released earlier this year but only reached number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Justin’s recent arrest for driving under the influence in Sag Harbor, NY has added to the challenges he is facing. Despite being apologetic to officers and taking ownership of the situation, his wife, Jessica Biel, is reportedly embarrassed by the incident. Friends of Justin are suggesting that he take a break from music to focus on his health and well-being. The pressure to compete with other successful artists like Beyonce and Taylor Swift has been intense, and ticket sales for his tour have been disappointing in comparison.

In a recent turn of events, Justin had to cancel his concert in Columbia, South Carolina, without providing an explanation. Ticketmaster announced the cancellation, but it is unclear if this decision is related to poor ticket sales. The singer was also arrested earlier this year in the Hamptons for driving while intoxicated. Justin was charged with one count of DWI after refusing to take a breathalyzer test and was released without bail on his own recognizance.

Despite the challenges he is currently facing, fans have the opportunity to see Justin Timberlake live at a much more affordable price than originally expected. The future of his tour and music career remains uncertain as he navigates through these difficult circumstances.