Justin Bieber brought his high-energy performance to a lavish pre-wedding event in Mumbai, India, adding to the joy and excitement of the celebration. The event was held for Indian billionaire heir Anant Ambani and his fiancĂ©e, Radhika Merchant, and Bieber’s performance was a hit with the enthusiastic audience.

During his hour-long performance, Bieber sang his biggest hits, including crowd favorites like ‘Baby’ and ‘Peaches,’ much to the delight of the attendees. The audience, mostly comprised of female fans, had fangirl moments as they sang along with the pop star and danced to his music.

Bieber seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself on stage, dancing and interacting with the crowd, making the experience unforgettable for everyone present. He also took the time to hang out backstage with the bride and groom-to-be, sharing some candid moments with them.

The upcoming wedding between Anant and Radhika is being touted as the “wedding of the year” in India, given the high-profile nature of the families involved. Anant’s father, Mukesh Ambani, is one of Asia’s wealthiest individuals, with a staggering net worth of $114 billion, while Radhika’s father is the CEO of ENCORE Healthcare.

Bieber’s performance at the pre-wedding event comes on the heels of other extravagant celebrations leading up to the main event. Previously, Rihanna had performed at another pre-wedding event for the couple, reportedly earning $8 million for her appearance.

As for Bieber, he was reportedly paid $10 million for his electrifying performance at the event, showcasing the growing trend of celebrities commanding high fees for private appearances. The wedding festivities are set to continue with a three-day celebration from July 12-14, promising even more excitement and star-studded moments for the guests.

Overall, Justin Bieber’s presence at the pre-wedding event added an extra layer of glamour and entertainment, making it a truly memorable occasion for all those in attendance. His energetic performance and interaction with the audience further solidified his status as a global music icon, leaving a lasting impression on the guests and the happy couple as they prepare for their big day.