Jules Hudson, known for his role on Escape to the Country, recently announced a new career move that has garnered support from fans. The 54-year-old presenter shared that he will be speaking at the Ledbury Poetry Festival to discuss the poems that have had a significant impact on his life over the years.

In a video posted on Instagram, Jules expressed his excitement about the new venture, stating that the process of preparing for the festival has been a fascinating journey of personal discovery. He will be sharing insights into the books and poems that have influenced his career and life path.

Fans of the BBC star were quick to show their support, with many leaving encouraging messages on his post. Some expressed their admiration for Jules, referring to him as a “Renaissance Man” due to his diverse interests and talents. The Ledbury Poetry Festival account also chimed in, stating that they are looking forward to welcoming him to the event.

This new career move comes after Jules took a three-month break from television work to focus on his well-being. Feeling burnt out, he decided to enroll in a furniture-making course at the Boat Building Academy as a way to reset creatively and emotionally. Despite concerns from fans that he may be leaving TV for good, Jules reassured them that he has no plans to depart from Escape to the Country anytime soon.

In an exclusive interview with the Express, Jules expressed his commitment to the show, stating that he hopes to continue hosting Escape to the Country for as long as possible. His dedication to the program has resonated with viewers, who appreciate his passion for connecting people with their dream homes in the countryside.

Overall, Jules Hudson’s career move to the world of poetry and literature has been met with enthusiasm and support from fans and colleagues alike. As he prepares to share his insights and experiences at the Ledbury Poetry Festival, audiences can look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the influences that have shaped his life and career.