Joe Jonas recently shared exciting news about his upcoming solo album in an interview on the Therapuss podcast. The popstar revealed that the album will feature some of his most personal music to date, with the first single, “Work It Out,” set to be released soon. This comes after Joe and his wife, Sophie Turner, announced their divorce.

The singer-songwriter described the new album as a mix of beautiful ballads, songs about fatherhood, love, and self-improvement. While he didn’t explicitly state that any tracks were inspired by his divorce, Joe mentioned that the music covers a wide range of topics. He emphasized the importance of self-reliance and self-improvement in overcoming challenges, noting that sometimes you have to be your own savior.

Interestingly, Joe shared that the album was created in just two weeks, highlighting the raw and authentic nature of the music. This upcoming release marks Joe’s first solo album in over a decade, following his last solo project, “Fastlife,” in 2011.

During the interview, Joe explained that the decision to pursue a solo project stemmed from a desire to express himself independently of his brothers. He sought and received his brothers’ blessing before embarking on this musical journey. While he values his collaborations with Nick and Kevin Jonas in the Jonas Brothers and DNCE, Joe felt compelled to explore a more personal and introspective musical direction.

Fans can anticipate a diverse and emotionally resonant collection of songs from Joe’s upcoming album. With themes ranging from love and family to self-discovery and growth, the music promises to offer listeners a glimpse into Joe’s inner world. As he prepares to share this new chapter of his musical journey, Joe’s vulnerability and honesty shine through in his heartfelt lyrics and melodic compositions.