Jennifer Lopez is rumored to be considering a move back to New York amidst speculation of trouble in her marriage with Ben Affleck. Reports suggest that she has been wanting to make this move even before her relationship issues with Affleck began.

An insider revealed that Lopez is eager to move to New York, where she previously lived with her ex-husband Marc Anthony and their 16-year-old twins. While the exact timing of the move remains unclear, it is believed that Lopez will still maintain a residence in Los Angeles but wants to escape the noise and scrutiny of the West Coast.

The potential move to New York could also mean a fresh start for Lopez and her children. She hinted at the move on her JLo Beauty Instagram account, indicating that she might be exploring potential places to live in the city. While the relocation may pose some challenges initially, the insider believes that they would adapt well since New York City offers similar amenities to what they enjoy in L.A.

Moreover, moving to New York could potentially lead to a reunion between Lopez and her ex-partner, Alex Rodriguez. Despite Rodriguez being in a new relationship, sources suggest that Lopez misses their connection and may not intend to remain single for long. They share mutual friends and have unfinished business, hinting at a possible rekindling of their relationship.

Lopez recently took a solo trip to Italy, leaving Affleck behind, sparking speculation about the status of their marriage. Relationship experts suggest that the time apart allowed Lopez to reflect on her marriage and contemplate her future. Upon returning, she visited Affleck in his office, although the couple has chosen to remain silent about their marital issues.

Despite her personal challenges, Lopez has secured a new deal with Netflix to produce a series based on Emily Henry’s novel “Happy Place.” The adaptation will follow the story of two college sweethearts who must navigate their complicated relationship while sharing a room at a Maine Cottage. Lopez will serve as one of the series producers, highlighting her commitment to her professional endeavors amidst her personal life upheaval.