Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had put in a lot of effort and money into creating a joint brand before their marriage ran into trouble. Sources reveal that they had invested heavily in developing this brand, which is now at risk due to their impending split. The couple, who tied the knot in 2022, may have to deal with dissolving contracts and working with lawyers to sort out the financial aspects of their joint venture.

Despite their personal issues, Lopez and Affleck will still have to work together to promote their upcoming Amazon film, Unstoppable. However, it is unlikely that they will be teaming up for promotional activities, given the current situation. The couple wants to maintain a professional front and ensure the success of the project, even though it puts them in an awkward position.

Adding to their troubles, Jennifer Lopez was recently seen flying economy to Paris, sparking rumors of financial difficulties. This comes after disappointing album sales and the cancellation of her tour. Sources suggest that Lopez’s decision to fly economy is a way to show that she is not living a lavish lifestyle and is being mindful of her expenses.

As reports suggest, both Lopez and Affleck are coming to terms with the end of their romance, which was a dream come true for Ben. However, the constant drama and differences between them eventually led to the decision to part ways. Lopez, known for her busy lifestyle and entourage, tried to make Affleck understand the demands of being Jennifer Lopez, a brand that she embodies both professionally and personally.

Sources close to the couple reveal that Lopez is trying to stay positive and not be painted as the villain in this situation. Despite the challenges they face, both Lopez and Affleck are focused on moving forward and handling the aftermath of their split professionally. The public will have to wait and see how they navigate their joint investments and projects in the wake of their separation.