Jared Padalecki recently shared his thoughts on the changes happening at The CW network. In a candid interview, the actor expressed his concerns about the new direction the network is taking, especially in light of recent cancellations of shows like Walker and Supernatural, which he starred in.

According to Jared, he feels that The CW is shifting away from being a traditional TV network to focusing on producing quick and inexpensive content that may not have a lasting impact on viewers. He mentioned that the network seemed to be more interested in creating content that fills up time rather than investing in quality programming.

The decision to cancel Walker after four seasons, along with other shows like The Winchesters and Gotham Knights, has left fans and actors like Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins disappointed. These cancellations came after Nexstar Media Group acquired a significant portion of The CW and introduced unscripted shows to the lineup.

Jared acknowledged that he had conversations with the heads of CBS Studios and Nexstar/The CW about the changes. He described the situation as a complex issue from his perspective, noting that the network’s new direction seems to be influenced by Nexstar’s vision for The CW.

In light of the upcoming unscripted shows like Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, Jared expressed his concerns about the future of The CW and what it means for the type of content that will be featured on the network. Despite his honesty about his opinions, Jared emphasized that he is speaking his mind because he feels strongly about the changes happening at The CW.

Overall, Jared’s comments shed light on the challenges that actors and creators face when networks undergo significant transformations. The impact of these changes on the type of content that audiences will see on The CW in the future remains to be seen. As viewers, we can only hope that the network continues to produce engaging and high-quality shows that resonate with audiences.