Chloe Madeley’s ex-husband, James Haskell, is facing criticism from her fans for a recent video he posted from his DJ set. In the Instagram clip, a group of scantily-clad women can be seen dancing to his new single. Fans have called James “disrespectful” and “cringe” for sharing the video, with some noting that the women in the video are “not a patch on Chloe.” Chloe and James announced their split last October, just a month before their new television series aired, in which Chloe criticized James for sharing similar images of young women.

In the video, James can be seen enjoying his DJ gig with the caption “New music. Mine and @djskt new track ‘Naughty girl’ doing what it does best!!” Despite clarifying that the video was not his, but was sent to him, James still chose to share it on his page. Fans quickly took to the comments to express their disapproval, with one follower stating that the women in the video were not comparable to Chloe. Another follower questioned if James was going through a midlife crisis, while others simply described the video as cringe-worthy.

Chloe previously addressed James’ party antics on their show, “Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair,” where she expressed her frustration with his social media posts featuring young women. She threatened to fly to Ibiza to confront him, calling him disrespectful and insisting that he stop posting such content. Despite their split, Chloe seems to have moved on and is focusing on co-parenting their daughter, Bodhi.

The couple, who got married in 2018 and welcomed their daughter in 2022, confirmed their breakup in an emotional statement last October. Since then, Chloe has been open about her struggles following the split, including battling depression. James, on the other hand, has been pursuing a career as a DJ, sharing snippets of his gigs and music on social media.

The backlash James Haskell is facing for his recent video highlights the challenges of navigating a public breakup, especially when social media is involved. It serves as a reminder that actions and posts online can have real-life consequences, especially when emotions are involved. As Chloe and James continue to move forward separately, their fans are watching closely to see how they will handle the aftermath of their split.